Give a facelift to your pool with the choicest stone lining

Deoli Green Slate Tiles
Deoli Green Slate Tiles

Give a facelift to your pool with the choicest stone lining

Beautify your swimming pool with beautiful slates and marbles

Swimming pool is a great add on to any property and its charm multiplies many fold when that property happens to be your own home.

Needless to say that building a swimming pool in one’s home or even renovating it is a big project, but as is true, every great project gives great satisfaction when the work is well done.

If you are building a new swimming pool or renovating an existing one, there is a lot of meticulous planning that takes place. Right from the norms and licenses to the dimensions of the pool and its filter system. Amidst all this, unfortunately the design of the floor of the pool doesn’t get much attention and more often than not it gets laid with the usual blue tile, a bit of mosaic and the like. What is we told you that there is more to the bed of the pool and its wall than the usual blue. Read on to know more.

Thought about Indian Natural Stones?

Indian natural stones are a great option to line the inside of a swimming pool. Not only are they durable, cost effective and easy to maintain, since they are naturally occurring, they come with individual variation that is just beautiful.

The options

There are various naturally occurring stone options that do a fantastic job to line a swimming pool. Our top picks are:

  • Silver Grey:  The Silver Grey stone or slate in common parlance is an excellent choice to line your swimming pool. This strong stone with a gorgeous colour and natural detailing can make your pool stand out.
  • Deoli Green: This is a slate with a green hue. Depending upon the lighting and the time of the day it can appear to be emerald, sea-green to smoky green under water.
  • Copper: This copper colour slate provides a mural like appearance when the sunrays dance on the water. Pleasing to the eyes, this warm hued stone works aesthetically with a multitude of landscape design elements.
  • Himachal White: If minimalism is your style and you are attracted to a colour palette that is ethereal, the Himachal White is just the stone for you. This palest stone in the slate family has an understated class and works magic in an outdoor pool surrounded by greenery.
  • Zeera Green: This stone is a seamless blend of colours – grey, green, silver, a pop of gold, in short it is nature’s artwork in stone, and you can tile this artwork in your pool. Given its mixed palette and naturally formed wave like patterns, this stone is good choice for a pool in a household of various design preferences as it is sure to appeal to all.
  • Silver Shine: This timeless stone is a good fit for a modern design sensibility that is no frills and chic. If you plan to install lighting inside your pool, this Indian natural stone will up the game manifold.
  • Green Marble: This luxurious coloured stone is the way to go if you are looking to break away from the usual ‘blue linings’ of the swimming pool but don’t want to venture too far. Easy on the eyes, this stone can give a vibe to your pool that is comforting yet stylish.


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