Up your living room’s style with this natural yet stylish stones

Ash Grey Indian Limestone Tiles
Ash Grey Indian Limestone Tiles

Up your living room’s style with this natural yet stylish stones

Warm or cooled tones, urbane or antique there is something for every Taste

Our living room is more often than not the most used room in the house. Not only is it the centre of our living space, it is also where friends and extended family get together.  It is but obvious that a room as important as the living room needs some extra loving and a jazzed up look that is low maintenance yet classy, can lend itself to the desired aesthetic and is long-lasting.

Stone is the way to go

One such way is to go for a stone flooring. Yes, you read it right. Gone are the days when stone laying was a tedious work and one had to find an expert cutter, a wild goose chase of sorts. The Indian natural stones from the stone factory come in tile form (~ 2 cm thickness) and can be easily laid like tiles.

Natural and Elegant

Indian natural Limestone and Sandstone are two top options for a stylish yet functional living room flooring. These naturally occurring stones are long-lasting yet easy to maintain. Not only that there are further sub-variations in these two stones to turn your design idea into reality. Out top 5 recommendations are:

  • Tandur Blue/Grey Limestone: This sturdy stone, as the name suggests is grey in colour with undertones of blue. Not only does this stone bring about a coolness to the area, it also a good fit for modern and chic aesthetics with a bit of edgy trimmings. The texture can be customized according to design requirements – tumbled, brushed and various other combinations in between.
  • Tandur Yellow Limestone: This stone provides warm undertones to the area and lend itself beautifully to an array of warm coloured furnishings. The stone oozes a lovely gradient and like its grey counterpart can be customized as per required texture.
  • Ash Grey Limestone: If postmodern design elements appeal to you then do consider ash grey Indian naturallimestone. With its elegant and Zen like aura this stone doesn’t interfere with any design element and is a designer’s delight.
  • Kandla Grey Sandstone: Kandla Grey Indian sandstone errs to the side of silver. The stone gives a very urbane and refined look and is quite strong with no specific maintenance requirements. If you are looking for something stylish with an undertone of glamour this is the stone for you.
  • Raj Green Sandstone: This Indian natural sandstone is timeless and versatile. Whether you dig a rustic style for your living room or contemporary minimalism is your jam, this stone can work for both the aesthetics.

If you are looking to re-style your living room, looking for long-lasting options for renovations or building your dream house, check out the stones and find one that speaks to you in your style and design language.


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