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Palisades and Kerbs

Palisades and Kerbs are external structures made from natural stone. Palisades are placed vertically to form boundaries and fences. On the other hand, Kerbs are placed horizontally on streets to form a slight elevation. Palisades and Kerbs can be designed differently according to the application.

  • Available Colors: Mint, Modak, Yellow, Agra Red, Dholpur Beige, Brown, Kandla Grey, Chocolate / Mandana Chocolate, Raj Green, DYB (Desert Yellow Brown)/Ochre/Garda Buff, Raveena, Multi, Kota White/ Kandla Beige, Jodhpur Pink, Jodhpur Red, Kadappa Black
  • Sandstone Finishes: Natural, Sawn + Shotblasted, Swan + Shotblasted + Brushed, Flamed, Flamed + Brushed
  • Limestone Finishes: Natural
  • Sandstone Standard Sizes (cm): Length x 12 x 12, Length x 20 x 8, Length x 25 x 10, Length x 25 x 15
  • Kadappa Black Standard Size (cm): Length x 12 x 12
  • Length Range (cm): From 30 to 150
  • Use: Outdoor gardens, street fencing
  • Special Note: For special sizes contact us.
  • Other Alias Name: Palisaden und Bordsteine
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