The Stone Factory made its first appearance in an exhibition in STONA 2008, a global event, at Palace grounds in Bangalore. We had a small stall of 3m x 3m and felt like a small fish in a huge sea. But, when we interacted with industry experts from different countries, we confidently spoke about our work and projects. We knew that we are in the right place and are networking with the right people to grow our business. This experience boosted our self-belief and since then was no looking back.

Since 2008 we went from strength to strength as we showcased our work in various International exhibitions as Indian natural stone suppliers.
These exhibitions have helped The Stone Factory make a mark in the world as a top Indian natural stone supplier.

Following are few details of our participation in International Exhibitions as Indian natural stone supplier:

Upcoming Exhibitions

Past Exhibitions


At The Stone Factory, we believe that people are our invaluable resources and we organize several events during the course of the year to create a bonding.

All team members of our company work like a family.

We host annual parties where teams enjoy themselves with their families. These parties are organized to take a break from our daily work and have some fun, dining, wining, and dancing! Our half-yearly lunch parties are hosted to welcome the winter season. This is the time when we interact with core team members and enrich our relationships. We also celebrate our most famous Diwali Festival together with our team.

At the Stone Factory, we give a lot of importance to the health and well-being of our team members. We have hosted several health-based events where we have invited various experts to address our team.

Past Events