Five Indian natural stones to make a durable and beautiful patio

Kandla Grey Tiles Paving
Kandla Grey Tiles Paving

Five Indian natural stones to make a durable and beautiful patio

A patio serves many purpose, it is an ideal place to idle away on a gorgeous sunny day or have meaningful talks with friends and family on a balmy evening with good food, or better still can be one’s go to spot for some focused reading or writing. The list goes on. Since patio serves many functions, it becomes imperative that it be paved with materials that are sturdy, durable, safe and yet complement an individual’s aesthetic and design sense.

Safety and durability in case of an outdoor paved area are to a large extent influenced by climate and weather. For example for a person living in an area that faces extreme variations in day to day temperature, thermal shock is an important factor to take note of. Many of us would have noticed glassware cracking due to sudden change in temperature. Certain stones also exhibit this tendency. However, there are a variety of options that are resistant to thermal shock. Notable amongst these are Indian natural Sandstones and Limestones.

Slip resistance is another important factor to take note while choosing a material for a gorgeous patio area. Considering it is an outdoor area, slip resistance should be taken into account for both wet as well as for dry conditions.

People living in cold climes should also gauge the values of flexural strength and compressive strength both before as well as after frost.

The question is how does one arrive at a material that is aesthetic to look, easy to maintain, durable and most importantly safe on the above mentioned parameters. Keeping everything in mind, two types of naturally occurring stones make the best cut  – Sandstone and Limestone. Not only are these stones premium performers, they cater to people with varied tastes. That’s right, both these type of Indian natural stones are available in a variety of colours and textures. Here are our top five picks:-

  • Kandla Grey Indian Sandstone: Named after the port in India from where it is shipped, Kandla Grey Indian natural Sandstone is a classic grey colour. The stone is pleasing to look and gels beautifully with various design elements.
  • Autumn Brown Sandstone:  This rich yet rustic coloured stone is magnificent to look out. The naturally occurring colour gradient would make your patio nothing short of a work of art.
  • Raj Green Sandstone:  This Indian natural stone is an amalgamation of a hue of colours – green, grey and brown and works wonders with the changing light throughout the day.
  • Buff Sandstone: This Indian  natural sandstone is for those who cherish the traditional and enjoy the modern. A blend of ethnic and stylish this stone lends itself for lot of design ideas.
  • Kadappa Black Indian natural Limestone: If you like all things sleek with a dash of edge, Kadappa Black Limestone is the one for you. Effortlessly chic this stone brings a lot of finesse to a design concept.



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