Top Indian Natural Stone Suppliers that can Beautify any Construction

Top indian natural stone suppliers

India is famous for some exquisite architectural wonders like the Taj Mahal, and Red Fort to name a few. Also hosts some rock-cut structures made from a single stone. India boasts of all these classic architecture because of the availability of high-quality natural stone in the country. These stones are also exported by top Indian natural stone suppliers to countries across the globe. Natural stones available in the Indian market are suitable for a variety of applications. These high-grade stones are ideal for flooring, walling, garden landscaping, or any other application,

The colors and properties of stones vary according to the location from where they are mined. This is why Indian natural stones are available in different colors and finishes to suit any application.

Some of the popular natural stones offered by top Indian natural stone suppliers include:

    1. Sandstone: It is a versatile stone that can be used in a variety of applications. A typical characteristic of Indian sandstone is its matte finish which makes it non-slippery. Hence, it is perfect for making tiles. Indian sandstone is available in several color options.
    2. Limestone: Limestone has a hard surface that makes it perfect for different types of construction projects. This stone is long-lasting. It has been a popular choice for a variety of construction projects since time immemorial.
    3. Quartzite: It is an attractive stone with a natural glassy finish because of the silica content in the stone. Its strength, durability, and resistance to chemical damage make it a popular choice for making tiles.
    4. Slates: These fine-grained stones are shiny and brittle. Despite their brittle nature, these stones are very durable. Their availability in a myriad of bright colors makes them a popular choice for cladding applications.
    5. Basalt: It is a hard and porous stone with insulation properties. It comes in two color variations-black and grey. Basalt is an ideal construction stone in areas that require temperature regulation.
    6. Granite: Indian granite is among the top granite stones in the world. It is an extremely strong stone and is suitable for a myriad of applications. It is available in a variety of colors.
    7. Marble: Marble is one of the most attractive and durable stones. The natural beauty of marble is greatly enhanced when the stone is polished. Australia is a major market that absorbs significant quantities of finished marble, granite, and ceramics. You can choose the best marble suppliers in Australia.
    8. Porphyry: This is an extremely durable stone available in a reddish-purple color. This low-maintenance stone is widely used for making pavements that have high footfall.

Besides these natural stones, top Indian natural  stone suppliers provide several manmade stones. India has become a leading natural stone exporter because the stones provided are of high quality. Indian natural stone suppliers customize the stone to the required size, shape, and finish according to the demands of the customer.