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Spheres are handmade artefacts that are made using lathes. They can be made in sizes from 10-100cm in diameter. They are available in attractive shades like red, beige, rainbow, and teakwood. Spheres can be custom-made by top Indian natural stone suppliers in a variety of textures and patterns. These artefacts beautify any exterior or interior.
  • Available Colors: Rainbow, Teakwood, Mint, Agra Red, D. Beige, D. Chocolate
  • Available Design :  Smile Sphere, Broken Edge Sphere, Bush Hammered Sphere, Rope Finish Sphere, Cahiseled Sphere, Machine Ground Sphere, Rough Sphere, Petal Sphere, Ring Sphere, Honed Sphere with Hole
  • Standard Sizes: 20 CM to 150 CM
Other Alias Name: KugelnIndian natural stone suppliers top indian natural stone suppliers

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