7 Popular Variants of Indian Sandstone Slabs in Australia

indian stone slabs australia

Indian sandstone has recently emerged as one of the leading stones for both outdoor and indoor applications because of its exceptional qualities, including durability, versatility, and natural appearance. It is utilized in public spaces, gardens, schools, and offices in addition to designing exterior and interior applications. Its numerous advantages make it the most reliable stone for building and remodeling projects. It is available in a large range of forms, colors, and shapes.

Here are some popular Indian sandstone Slabs in Australia and their uses:

1. Kandla Grey Sandstone
Kandla Grey Sandstone slabs measure 120-190 CM X 90-60 CM and are sourced from North India. This grey Indian Sandstone slabs in Australia is available in a variety of treatments, including sandblasted, tumbled, bush-hammered, natural, and honed. Both hand-cut and machine-cut edges are available. Wall cladding, step blocks, tiles, and other sandstone products are also available in Kandla Grey sizes.

2. Mint Sandstone
In India, there are several varieties of mint sandstones, including desert mint, white mint, and yellow mint. These sandstone slabs are all 120-190 CM X 90-60 CM in size. Due to its adaptability, mint sandstone is another prominent Indian sandstone in the west. It is a laid-back sandstone that works well for indoor and outdoor construction projects. The finishes for Mint Sandstone slabs are Natural, Honed, and Sandblasted.

3. Modak Sandstone
Modak Sandstone is the next item on the list when enumerating Indian Sandstone Slabs in Australia. This Indian sandstone has excellent aesthetic qualities and exhibits extraordinary endurance and stability under many conditions. This North Indian Sandstone, which has a pinkish tone on its surface, is very well-liked in the USA and other nations. Modak Sandstone is available in 120-190 CM X 90-60 CM slabs with a natural finish.

4. Mandana Sandstone
It is a sandstone extracted in North India with a chocolate tint. The finishes for Mandana sandstone slabs include sandblasted, honed, polished, and natural. Many companies in the nation that supply high-quality Indian sandstone slabs to various regions of the world are suppliers of Mandana sandstone. The vast majority of exterior architectural applications for this sandstone.

5. Rainbow Sandstone
The magnificent veins and swirls of Khatu Rainbow Sandstone often referred to as Jaipur Rainbow Sandstone, come in a range of hues, including red, brown, and violet. These slabs of sandstone, composed of tiny quartz grains, are ideal for pavement, wall cladding, and flooring. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage because of its durability, hardness, and resistance to harsh weather. Among all Indian Sandstone Slabs in Australia, this variety is the most sought after as it is very attractive.

6. Agra Red Sandstone
Red Sandstone of Agra, commonly called Dholpur. This sandstone is referred to as Agra Red because the quarries for it are located around the city of Agra. Because iron oxides are present in the bedding zones, red sandstone is red in color. Slabs of Agra Red Sandstone are shipped to a number of nations, mainly Europe, Australia, the UK, and the USA.

7. Dholpur Beige Sandstone
Dholpur Beige Sandstone is a well-known Indian sandstone with purple veins on an off-white background. It is one of the several slabs of Indian sandstone that are available. So, if you’re a sandstone importer, architect, or building contractor, one of India’s many sandstone slab suppliers can provide you with it quickly.

Many sandstone slab providers are renowned for offering more robust and long-lasting sandstone slabs at the most affordable prices. So, these are the popular Indian Sandstone Slabs in Australia. Carry out a thorough internet search, then choose the one that best satisfies the requirements of your project.