6 Types of Indian Flagstone offered by Indian Flagstone Suppliers in the UK

Flagstone can be used to enhance the look of walks, terraces, and gardens, giving your house more curb appeal and beauty. The stone size and texture are optimal for the area you’re utilizing, and there are various flagstone types that are ideal for helping you create the style you want. Before beginning your outdoor project, take into account these seven different types of flagstone offered by Indian Flagstone Suppliers in the UK.

  1. Slate:
    One of the most well-known varieties of flagstones is Slate. Slate is a metamorphic stone containing layers of minerals that resemble clay. It is exceedingly flaky and often softer than other stones like sandstone or quartzite. Moreover, Slate has an antique-like appearance and is available in copper, green, and silver-gray hues due to these features.
  2. Sandstone:
    As the name implies, this type of flagstone offered by Indian Flagstone Suppliers in the UK is a sedimentary stone that is composed of layers of sand. Sandstone can be found in a variety of soft pastel shades ranging from red to beige, including dark red, gold, buckskin, and pink. This particular flagstone gives off one of the most natural and modern looks of all sorts.
  3. Limestone:
    Limestone comes in a variety of colors, including beige, black, yellow, and gray, and is generally appropriate for all kinds of uses. In addition, limestone is utilized for both the interior and exterior phases of the construction of the residence as it has good weather resistance.
  4. Quartzites:
    Quartzites have excellent qualities like a thin texture, glossy finish, and smooth surface. They are also available in various colors, including blue, gold, silver, and green. Because of its non-slip surface and stain resistance, quartzite is typically utilized to construct patios and pathways. Indian Flagstone Suppliers in the UK have a wide variety of quartzite for diverse specifications.
  5. Basalt:
    Basalt is well-known for being a cyclonic rock and offers several benefits. The first benefit of basalt is that it absorbs sound naturally, making it suitable for walls when you have to block out outdoor sounds. Basalt comes in various hues, including natural gray, beige, and black.
  6. Travertine:
    A necessary type of limestone is travertine. Because of the travertine, it is more valuable than traditional limestone and has a unique appearance. Travertine looks significantly more rusted overall than its cousin limestone. A hardy flagstone is a travertine. The material’s rugged texture can withstand the test of time. Voids on the travertine surface are the major problem, so take caution. Indian Flagstone Suppliers in the UK ensure to make available the most premium type of travertine which is rarely found.
  7. Bluestone:
    A nearby flagstone that is widely used for paving is called bluestone. Bluestone is typically required when people want to have pavement that will look lovely while being the appropriate size. It presents a highly contemporary image. You must use it to protect your bluestone from chlorine and salt.

So, these are the most common types of Flagstones provided by Indian Flagstone Suppliers in the UK. Hope this has clarified some of the differences you should be aware of when choosing the best flagstone for your upcoming landscaping project.